Selos Therapy is an innovative treatment method used to treat fascia tissue. Fascia restrictions can be released with success, influencing positively body movement and reducing pain. For the patient the treatment is completely pain free. It focuses on intermuscular septums releasing tensions and densities. The treatment uses special shaped tools for manual treatments all over the body.

Less Strength-More Results

Peripheral corpuscels and nerve endings are stimulated producing an afferent stimulus that changes efferent stimuli to the body. Self-healing processes of the body are facilitated due to sensitive and specific stimuli. With this method it is possible to have a high precision for treating the structures and a high ergonomy for the Selos therapist. With low strength and special techniques it is possible to act on different layers of the structure


Specialised assessment techniques help treating the right spots involded in the patients problem and adapts to a holistic view of the body.


Selos Therapy helps working on different layers on the body in order to reach different tissues and structures.


Using specific tools in addition to the hands makes this therapy ergonomic like no others treatment techniques in rehabilitation.


SELOS Releaser & SELOS Connect