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This are the four pillars, which PROSOMED is build on. Through the accurate selection of our suppliers we create sensitive components for our products. A strong cooperation with leading entities of research and specialists brings us in the position to apply for the best Know How relating to our products. Your wellbeing will benefit! That’s the reason why we are always looking for the Highest Quality in PROSOMED. But over all, it’s Passion that forges our energy allowing us to do what we do with enthusiasm.



Boost Movement for everybody!
At PROSOMED our vision is to guarantee Movement. With optimized support for the human body, we want to give the possibility to everybody to move with less pain and more fun, enjoying Movement in sports, freetime and daily living. Because Movement is quality of life.



PROSOMED puts the main focus on the Human Person. Our matter of concern is to support with specific studied products your body and your Movement, in order to reduce pain and optimize muscular function. With other words, we want to educate on how Movement can be influenced on a positive way.



PROSOMED was founded in 2008 by Dr. Gregor Comploi as a company for solutions in Human Movement. The company is located in a small and beautiful place called Selva Gardena in the middle of the gorgeous Dolomites of Val Gardena in North-Italy. PROSOMED started acting as a medical distributor as well as course organizer in using and application of Kinesiology Tape and physiotherapeutic items. By strong contact with well known treatment and research institutes the companies know how improved through the years being able to convince his customers and creating solid partnerships. From the early beginning until now, in its courses we trained more than 2000 specialists over different issues. To serve highest standards not only in teaching, PROSOMED started also producing highly specialized products for it, entering even in the public market and establishing themselves as a leader and trendsetter.



For PROSOMED a "value" is what we believe in forming the basis for our choices and behaviors. The values in which we believe stand for ethic-cultural and professional heritage, guiding our work every day and reflecting our personality.

The client is King! The client is always the point of reference, bridge his desires is our aim trough quick and personalized solutions.

Innovation & Excellence Our staff works with passion and eagerness to create new technologies for your wellbeing following strict rules to guarantee highest standards and quality.

Professionalism Transparency, attention and respect are the cornerstones on which we build relationships with our partners, be they customers, suppliers or simple partners.